Happy New Year, I love you..& thank you

It has been a wonderful year.. thank you all my friends who have walked with me, been through thick and thins…appreciate who I am, laugh & cry with me..& my dearest family, thank you for being patient with me. I love you! Looking forward to a wonderful and super 2012! cheers… | My blog’s chinese […]

My Blog is down…

Oops!! As you can see, it’s garbled phrases..undecoded chinese charactors all over…will get it repaired, & hopefully get it back to normal by 2012!! 看來要在亂碼中過聖誕了!反正最近又病又累,頭腦一片混亂,就暫時甚麼都不想吧。專心包聖誕禮物去… Just in case the system doesn’t allow me to log in later…Merry Christmas in advance! ho ho ho..

Ho Ho Ho!! My Advent Calender

I’m counting down to Christmas already ???????????? ??WL?11?????????? Advent..or you can call it a Christmas Calendar! 2011å¹´12月1æ—¥… 2011å¹´12月2æ—¥… WL說“Advent”是德國的傳統之一,當地人十二月的第一天就開始倒數迎接聖誕。 而Advent Calendar也是其中一個傳統習俗,小朋友們每一天都滿懷期待,打開“日曆”上的小格子,看看究竟隱藏著甚麼神祕“禮物”。每天只能打開一個格子…每一天都有一份“神祕禮物”… 我喜歡這份讓人每天都充滿希望的禮物!只是,WL忘了提醒我,如今的Advent Calendar都藏著糖果或巧克力,由於沒有把我的Advent Calendar放在冰箱,裡頭的巧克力都被太陽曬到發霉了!哭~~~~ The Advent tradition is a religious celebration in preparation for the arrival (or “advent”) of the Christ Child (das Christkind) on his “official” birthday, the 25th day of December. The Advent season […]