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Comments on 你,也是孫尚香嗎?

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  1. 珂寧的 | 我會痛 只是你不知道而已 pingbacked Posted 1 November, 2009, 1:58 am


  1. Quote

    The real and historical Sun Shangxiang was a much more 悲慘 character.

    She did not take part in the Battle of Chibi at all. Soon after the battle, Liu Bei took Jingzhou from right under Zhou Yu’s nose (on advice from Kong Ming, of course) from Cao Cao. Sun Quan and Zhou Yu were naturally outraged and after a series of negotiations, Jingzhou became a “loan” from Sun Quan to Liu Bei. Hence the saying, 劉備借荊州,一去不回頭。

    For a number of years, Zhou Yu came up with various schemes to get back Jing Zhou. One of them, was to marry off Sun Shangxiang (aged maybe 18) to Liu Bei (definitely above 50). It was supposed to be a fake marriage which became real after some more counter-scheming from Kong Ming.

    Even later, Zhou Yu tried to trick Sun Shangxiang to bring back Liu Bei’s only son (only son up till then, mothered by an earlier deceased wife) to Wu as hostage. The lie of Shangxiang’s mother being gravely ill was used. It nearly worked, except for Zhao Yun’s interference.

    She returned alone to Wu, discovered belatedly it was a ruse and was too ashamed to return back to Jingzhou and Liu Bei. It was understood that she lived alone in Wu since then.

    How very sad.

  2. Quote

    thank you for your sharing. :)

    I remembered reading Sun Shangxiang marrying Liu Bei somewhere, & also learnt that she don’t love him at all, the marriage was “politically-arranged”. 《三國》,very interesting story。

    I was discussing wth Ah Wei & Ah Dong (the hosts for < 漫遊Urban Night>) about 趙薇’s acting,me & ah dong felt that 她真的演活了“孫尚香”一角,雖然沒有最重要的戯份,一句臺詞和演技…就證明了她的實力。

  3. Quote
    杰克。李 said 19 January, 2009, 12:10 am:

    agree.. too many “孫尚香” around liao..

  4. Quote

    wow..are you surrounded by “孫尚香”?

    pardon me, from ur name, i guess u’re a guy? :P
    so, as a guy, a believe u don’t like “孫尚香”’s i right?

  5. Quote

    運営者様、どうもです!!。ミナサマ、こんにちわ。ぼくのweb サイトではネムリのことを更新しています。寝不足の悩みをもっている男性はたくさんです。とは言え睡眠誘導剤は禁断症状がありますよね。ボクも当初、寝る事がデキずにいたのですが、とは言えケミカルは癖になる怖さがこわいですよね。だから自然に眠れる様なサプリがいいです。管理人が使っているのが安眠ハーブです。安全な成分ですのでりだつしょうじょうがなく、安全に睡眠を助けてくれるので使っています。またふとんについてもできれば改善する方がいいです。夜更かしをしている人がたくさんで、おおくのサラリーマンが睡眠障害になる確率がタカイです。せいしんと肉体の両方を健康にする為にもデキるだけ夜更かしをしない方がいいです。わたしのブログではネムリのことをチャンとこうしんしていますので、よかったらみて下さい。睡眠不足と悩んでいる方にしっかりとした情報を更新していきたいです。

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