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Comments on Mel, ni hao ma?

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    谢谢你特地为我写了一篇 entry.
    I think I better revert back to angmo, faster, else this comment will take forever to type.

    Just that when some of your emotional entries are in traditional chinese, I kind of get lost lor. Don’t really understand how and what you are feeling, but nevermind, we can always catch up via MSN.

    Yes yes, I am still teaching Cadence mandarin at home, she also attend chinese lesson here. We just came back from a ski trip 3 days ago. We definitely look forward to your visit, will bring you to snowboard, ski, snowmobile, whatever you are interested ok!

    Yes yes, sent a msg to Leelian via FB also, waiting for her reply.

    Good to see you getting prettier and prettier leh! Come and visit us soon ok!

    Miss you all and the crazy gang!


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    wow! thank you for updating me :)

    good to hear from you…& i miss u & the gang too. btw, Gene is married :)

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