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Comments on 擁抱《冰封赤道》 等你回來

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    錄《2350》? not 2530 mah? heehee

    thanks for keeping the gift. i already inform him that i pass u liao. should have pass u early than u can pass him.

    r u going to send him off?

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    ooppss..thx for telling me. Amended :)

    btw, he didn’t tell me that he’s expecting something…would it be too late? Have you send the things (your gift) to SPH?

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    last sat after his prog i went down wanting to pass him saw him but didn’t manage to call out to him. i told him than he say pass it to u than he get it from u.

    i thought u meet up with him during last wk mah tat y i say i should have pass u earlier.

    the gift i pass to zhiming on sun 27/9 to ask him to pass to you. u didn’t receive?

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    Nope, I didn’t see anything in my pigeon hole…& no one pass me anything…

    in fact, ah wei is in england liao leh… how?

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    我明白你爲什麽感動 :)


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