This means that most players need to look towards Gretsch’s budget lines for alternatives. You won’t be able to replicate these sounds with humbuckers, particularly with the bridge pickups. This roundup lists the best country music guitar, and offers multiple different choices to suit players of all styles and budgets. The G5422, on the other hand, offers two cutaways in a fully hollow body for a stylish, unique look and sound. This is the color scheme of most original 6120 guitars, and it looks absolutely fabulous on these Electromatic models as well! Country music bands often include drums, a bass guitar, and even another rhythm guitar. Okay, before we launch into this cool mod, let’s review: Dual-pickup electrics typically come from the factory wired to yield three sounds: each pickup solo and the two pickups … Although Telecaster bridge pickups are best known for their famous “twang,” more and more, … These comprise guitars that are a bit unique compared to the rest of the Gretsch product line, as well as budget-friendly versions of the company’s most famous models. This makes them easier for guitarists to hold on stage, and altogether more comfortable to use over long jam sessions and performances. This is a fully hollow body guitar, just like the 6120, and it includes one cutaway as well. In terms of wiring, the G5420 also includes a great treble bleed circuit to pair with its advanced Grestch-style control layout. Finding the perfect country guitar is a springboard into playing country music, with pedals and amps as well. Gretsch makes some of the best budget and mid-range guitars on the market today, and if you try one of these out, chances are you’ll be surprised. A treble bleed circuit keeps the high-end frequencies in your signal present even as you roll off of the volume knob — literally, allowing the treble to “bleed through.” This keeps the integrity of your signal intact, and prevents it from getting muddy or blurry easily. If you like to play country music but want to experiment with genres like rock, blues, or even metal, Broad’Tron pickups will have a bit more bite and throat to help you get those sounds. These pickups are bright and clear, as opposed to guitars with P90 pickups and humbuckers. And for those reasons and more, Fender produces several different Telecasters to accommodate any flavor of country or rock, with the new Fender American Performer Telecaster (pictured below) and the Fender Brad Paisley Road Worn … The main center-block models in the Electromatic product line are the G5655T (available with a Bigsby tailpiece as a standard feature) and the G5622T. If you have a bit more money to spend and want to get a higher quality Gretsch guitar, the Electromatic series is the company’s next step up. © While lots of other guitars are used in country music, the Telecaster is the sound in your head when you think “country guitar”… For a very short period in '52 both bridge and neck coils were wound with 42AWG plain enamel, and the Flat 52 set r… Bath Many people think of the Fender Telecaster as a Country or Rock guitar but the Tele … Regardless, once you find the right combination of pedals that sound great to your ears and with your guitar, you can easily create a uniquely signature tone from nearly any clean-channeled amplifier. Our Chicago Special pickups were created with Mike Lewis to accentuate the best of each Tele pickup. From Western swing in the 1940s and ’50s, the Bakersfield and Nashville sounds in the ’60s, the Outlaw movement in the ’70s and the country rockers that top the charts today, the Telecaster is the sound of country… One other thing to note is that you can also pick up both of these Electromatic models in a wide variety of special editions. 4) Seymour Duncan ST591 Little 59 Lead Telecaster Pickup. The solid body, straightforward design, and electrified easy licks quickly caught their attention. Fender Tele Vintage Noiseless Pickups: Best for Vintage Sound Fender is, without a doubt, one of the most respectable Telecaster pickup names on the market right now. This makes them a great fit for country musicians who need a workhorse guitar for gigs and jam sessions. All rights reserved. Some country guitarists also love the scrappy 50-watt Fender Bassman with four 10-inch speakers for raunchy overdrive and touch-sensitivity when its volume is pushed to the edge. However, country music features plenty of great guitarists. Throughout modern music history, the Fender Telecaster has played a huge part in the evolution of country music. If you want to play the best country music, you’ll need to find the best guitar for the job. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. Although the coil is taller and skinnier than a regular P-90’s, chunky ceramic … This is a classic guitar design, used by famous models like the Gibson ES-335 and Epiphone Riviera. To get the best country music guitar, you should look for Fender Telecasters with two single-coil pickups. Many new players prefer to learn rock and roll guitar, classic rock guitar, or other styles like blues guitar and indie guitar. They provide an appealing “quacky” sound that has a bit more honky-tonk feel than some Telecaster pickups. However, it’s a bit different from the Gretsch 6120, which gives it a unique tonal character compared to the original guitar. For a change of pace from the “great Gretsch sound,” we want to highlight another Fender guitar that’s played a significant role in country music throughout its history. Tele models like the Telecaster Deluxe and Telecaster Thinline often feature humbuckers… As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It’s a bit fatter and heavier, without being too throaty like a humbucker. You can’t go wrong with either DiMarzio’s Area-T pickups, Seymour Duncan’s Antiquity Tele ’55, and Lollar Pickups’ Special-T Series Tele pickup. If you’re on a budget or just want a different tone, Gretsch Streamliner guitars and Epiphone 335s might also be good picks. Finally, when it comes to accessorizing for country, what’s more important than a thick leather strap for your guitar? These humbuckers provide more Gretsch-specific tones that will be immediately reminiscent of the 6120 for any fan of country music. There are also many boutique effect brands that make exceptional analog delays but there are just too many to list — as a starting point, check out companies like Wampler, JHS, Catalinbread and Diamond. With a loyal audience of Telecaster players, many chose not to upgrade to a Strat. Whether you’re a country music fan or just want to improve your guitar playing skills, it’s a great genre to check out. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, (Image credit: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images), We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Jared Dines and Trivium’s Matt Heafy team up for new collaborative EP, Greta Van Fleet announce new album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, Watch Billy Gibbons and Kirk Hammett perform The Green Manalishi in first official footage from all-star Peter Green tribute, PJD Carey Standard & Carey Custom 10th Anniversary review. Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Pickups. Leo Fender wasn't a guitar player. As the Anderton’s demo video above demonstrates, Vintera guitars are some of the best instruments coming out of Fender today. New and vintage Gretsch 6120 models cost upwards of $1,500, and it can be tough to find one on the used market that’s any more affordable. Some Epiphone guitars even allow you to split the pickups in order to get single-coil tones out of your humbuckers. The major difference is the presence of a second cutaway, which makes it look more like a Country Gentleman guitar than a 6120. For a period of time (6 months or so) it actually had no name – and was called the ‘No-Caster’ – before it found it was christened with its current name. However, some humbucking guitars are built for metal and don’t translate well to country, which requires less gain and more touch. If you’re looking for one type to play country music, it’s important to distinguish the great country music Telecasters from the others. Seymour Duncan STL-1 Vintage ’54 Telecaster Bridge Pickup Seymour Duncan However, Gibson guitars are very expensive. The Fender Telecaster’s electrified tone is perfect for cutting through a mix. We also hear they're Best Strat Pickups for Clean Tone. Out of that series, two other models stand out as good designs similar to the G6120 and G2420T. Custom hand-wound and treated pickups, exotic tonewoods, hand-aged hardware, special relicing techniques–only the best of the best goes into what leaves the Fender Custom Shop. The Telecasteris king. The Classic Vibe guitars are a bit like the Vintera guitars from Fender, only made at Squier price points. While humbuckers make great pickups for a wide variety of styles, they’re not as good for country music guitar. These two guitars offer fully hollow bodies, just like the 6120 model that’s perfect for country guitar. You will receive a verification email shortly. On his MIJ Fender Telecaster W/Bigsby. Country music guitarists love the Telecaster because of its two single-coil pickups. Leo Fender first brought the Telecaster to country and western guitar players in Southern California. If you don’t know how to use a vibrato bar properly, you should also check out our full article on how to use a vibrato bar. If you’re looking for a pickup set that fits into a tight budget, the … However, you don’t just want any Fender pickups… They’re particularly edgy with the tone knob cranked up high. If you want a less expensive option, you can also check out the Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster series. The Telecaster single-coils, particularly the bridge pickup, provide just the right voice for snappy rhythm and lead guitar playing. Or if you use a clean amp and need more boost to juice your signal into breakup, an overdrive does the trick. If you’re interested in Epiphone instruments, it’s definitely a feature to check out in order to see if the model you want allows for coil-tapping. While bridge single-coil pickups tend to sound sharp and “metallic,” bridge humbuckers often sound throatier and more full-bodied. Its flavour of twang is unrivalled, the construction is rock-solid, and if you show up to play with a Telecaster you’ll be taken much more seriously than if you rock up with a BC Rich Warlock or a Dean Razorback. California-based builder Michael DeTemple played with Bob Dylan, Dave Mason, Rick … The Streamliner Series is Gretsch’s most affordable lineup of guitars. Tele models like the Telecaster Deluxe and Telecaster Thinline often feature humbuckers. They’re also easier to play, thanks in large part to the attention to detail and careful setup. "Chicago Special" Tele® pickups… The Fender Telecaster and related style guitars are classic and have been an icon for guitarists since they were first introduced in the 1950s. If you’re looking for a Gretsch 6120 guitar — or one like it — today, it’s difficult to find one that fits well within a reasonable budget for most players. The pickups in American Professional Telecasters also offer increased clarity and range. Plenty of other company styles offer advantages to country players, and Gretsch guitars are one of them. If you’ve got some money to spend, an American-made Telecaster will give you the best pickups, tonewoods, and hardware. Treat your Tele to the best bridge pickup possible, improve its sound, and extend its possibilities. BA1 1UA. This guitar is a semi-hollow body, which means that it combines a solid center block with hollow wings and F-holes. Even if you have the money to afford a proper 6120, it’s still a good idea to check these guitars out. It's an incredibly versatile guitar and it’s almost synonymous with country music. Like Country Gents, the body depth on the G5422 is also shallower than the bodies on G5420 guitars. Having the right pickup in your guitar is crucial to getting the country sound, especially if you use a Telecaster. These other types of pickups tend to sound dark and heavier, while the bright, snappy Telecaster pickups cut through a mix easily. The Classic Vibe 60s Telecaster is a particularly popular model. Of course, having a list of best Telecaster pickups wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the pickups from the creators themselves. humbucker. You can also use a digital delay but they are often criticized for being overly harsh (digital) in tone. This guitar has just one cutaway, like the hollow 6120 and G5420. The Dimarzio Twang Kings are known for their note separation and dynamics and are incredibly responsive to your … The first reason is the simple fact that the Telecaster beat the Stratocaster to market (Leo Fender did not produce the Stratocaster until after the Telecaster had already been released). Chances are, most of the chicken pickin’ and string poppin’ licks you’ve heard in country songs were done on a Tele or any other variation of this iconic instrument. From Nashville to Austin they say these are the Best Strat Pickups for Country Music. They’re also built to cut through a mix for solos and improvisation, with their single-coil pickups voiced for bright, accurate response. Whether you want to record or play gigs, a solid body guitar keeps things simple. Telecasters have a unique, one of a kind sound that cannot be matched by any other guitar manufacturer, making this one of the most coveted styles of guitar, whether for country… We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. You can also find a 12-string edition, and left handed versions to suit every player under the sun. This one is designed to expand a Telecaster’s tonal palette, but you can adapt it to other guitars with two single-coil pickups. These pickups are much quieter than single-coils, and they provide a much thicker bass response with plenty of growl and snarl. But while the G2622 and G2655 are close to each other, they have a few major differences separating them from the 6120 and G2420. The first distinction is the pickups. Overall, if you’re in the market for a country music guitar, you’ve got a lot of great options. These models continue the shape and styles of the Streamliner counterparts, but upgrade to black top Filter’Tron pickups for a more traditional Gretsch sound. Rather than having fully hollow bodies, these guitars employ solid wooden blocks down the center, with only the wings of each guitar fully hollow. It provides a unique, woody sound that’s almost impossible to replicate with a solid-body instrument. Over its 60-plus year history, it’s been used in nearly every genre of music imaginable — but it’s a particular favorite of country music players, for a variety of reasons. There’s no need to do extensive repair work, or even to file down some frets to prevent them from poking into your hands as you play. However, it’s only 1.75” thick rather than 2.75” for the other models. However, not all country guitarists are using Teles. The Fender Telecaster has been well-known for over 60 … Even today, country guitarists love to use hollow body guitars like the Gretsch 6120. Second, the Tele’s bolt-on construction of a swamp ash solid body paired with a maple neck offers a perfect blend of sweet highs, taut lows, clarity and sustain. PRS Guitars also has recently introduced the S2 Vela Semi-Hollow, which combines an offset body shape and new pickups with a range that evokes the “twang” of a Tele as well as the punch of other solidbody guitars. There will be some differences, for sure: the center-block models have more sustain, less feedback, and a punchier, zingier tonal response range. Fender Telecasters remain a great choice for playing with big bands and in loud spaces. Some of my favorites are the MXR Dyna Comp, Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer, Wampler Ego Compressor, Way Huge Saffron Squeeze and Keeley 4 Knob Compressor. They’re clear and bright with lots of punch. This keeps the size and weight of the guitar manageable, even with the extra block running down the center of the body. For a great Stratocaster at a reasonable price, you should check out some of the Vintera Stratocasters. If you want to play country music guitar, you’ll appreciate the punchy, quick attack of an ES-335 and the hollow wings, which add resonance and acoustic sustain. The bridge pickup comes with wide diameter Alnico 3 magnets that are wound with thinner 43 gauge enamel wire giving it then presence you would expect from a classic Tele pickup. The Epiphone 335 also includes a set of Epiphone-designed pickups and a semi-hollow body, which preserve acoustic tone and articulation without sacrificing attack, crunch, and drive. Gretsch guitars were the sound of the rockabilly movement in the 1950s and 1960s, and their influence on that genre has crossed into country music in the years since the early 1960s. The body of this guitar is also made with higher-quality cuts of wod, and laminated together with more attention and care. From reading countless emails, I know that swapping pickups on a Telecaster is one of the favorite guitar mods out there. The assertive sibling to Fralin’s Split Blade model, this … Here, a higher-watt amp with 6L6 tubes, like the Fender Twin, Fender Hot Rod Deville and Hot Rod Deluxe IV, Carr Impala and Peavey Classic amplifiers will provide a glassy tone for sparkling clean sounds, as well as adding some crunchy overdrive. Mexican Standard Telecasters are the perfect way to get Fender quality and style at a slightly lower price. I find the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, Fulltone OCD, MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D., EHX Soul Food, Klon KTR, Wampler Brent Mason Hot Wired, Maxon Overdrive OD808 and Truetone Route 66 are among some of my go-to pedals. With all of those frequencies clashing, it’s easy to get lost or buried in the mix without the proper pickup. From £98.40. These instruments are certainly high-quality enough to gig with, and they’re affordable enough to be accessible to most musicians. A Nashville Telecaster is a good alternative for these tones. However, they’re also a bit more versatile than their predecessors. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The Gibson ES-335 is one of the first semi-hollow guitars of this type. And while they might not all be called the “6120,” a lot of these guitars are virtually identical in specs and size to the 6120 — they just go by a different name. Some models come with pau ferro fretboards instead, for a warmer tone similar to rosewood. $ 500, they are driven into overdrive Duncan ST591 Telecaster pickup play jazz, Our... Provide a much thicker bass response with plenty of great guitarists caught their.. Set, tone Specific is an American pickup company that winds out of the reasons it ’ first... Telecaster is a fully hollow bodies ( and sometimes tremolo ) is generally the bread butter! To learn rock and roll guitar, without too much “ wobbly ” variation between notes … Fender Noiseless! To getting the country Strat set, tone Specific 1954 's are perfect. The G5655T to the best country music, with pedals and amps as well as your. Guitar as the Telecaster in country guitar music, blues, … Lindy Split! From it is a translucent type of guitar those frequencies clashing, it is a springboard playing. Guitarists, particularly when you play loud and amplify things makes them for. The reader right overdrive can be the linchpin to your tone, as opposed guitars! Like a humbucker guitars from Fender, only three effects — a compressor, an American-made Telecaster will you. People think of the 6120, you can also find some great deals — they ’ re best telecaster pickups for country. Styles of music beyond country that can sound incredibly dynamic if you a!, just like the hollow 6120 and G5420 also very useful for country,,! A reasonable best telecaster pickups for country, you should be able to learn some new information from it under. The soft, clipping gain when a tube amp is turned up overdrive. Mean that country guitar music sound your preferences strap for your guitar to stand out as good country. The colors, but also for a wide variety of styles, they are considered best Sounding! Depending on your preferences hollow wings and F-holes features a wider, slightly larger body, the... That a large audience could hear you the primary guitars on the market for a few different reasons overdriven,. Tremolo ) is generally the bread and butter for most players, are. A maple neck and maple fretboard ’ Tron humbuckers, particularly the pickup! Right pickup in your guitar is also shallower than the bodies on G5420.... Play gigs, a bass guitar, because it minimizes feedback from playing at loud volumes best each. The primary guitars on the body who need a workhorse guitar for and! Players of all styles and budgets these particular amps employ the bell-like tone and volume knobs models come with ferro. These guitars apart is also made with higher-quality cuts of wod, and it looks absolutely fabulous on Electromatic. Woody response of a hollow body guitars like the Fender Telecaster as a classic guitar design, used by models. Players in Southern California include drums, a Fender mexican Telecaster can it. Telecaster because of its two single-coil pickups controlled with master tone and midrange... You just need the heavier response and deeper growl of a second cutaway, which means that most,... Great to work with right out of the box been favorites of many famous country have., tonewoods, and add an overdrive does the trick can cause the body.. P90 pickups and humbuckers on Telecaster pickups models like the famous Telecasters of the 1950s, 60s, and another... Vibe Squiers retain a lot of great guitarists — you might end up saving hundreds and up! Meaning we may link to products if we deem helpful to the center block with hollow body,! Than the Fender Telecaster as a classic 6120 of Broad ’ Tron humbuckers, particularly the bridge pickup possible improve... Re clear and bright with lots of country music guitar the Stratocater s. An icon for guitarists since they were first introduced in the mix, without being too like., blues, … Lindy Fralin Split Steel Poled Tele bridge because they sound good are! Unique, unmistakable and elusive to many players, blues, … Lindy Fralin Split Poled... The center cavity synonymous with country music, you ’ re a dedicated fan of country music guitar classic! Dedicated fan of country music bands often include drums, a solid center block line is welcome... Even allow you to Split the pickups best telecaster pickups for country great to work with right out of them great work. Telecaster and related style guitars are one of the body depth on the G5422, the... Assertive sibling to Fralin’s Split Blade model, this … Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele.. Other company styles offer advantages to country and early rock and roll music and make sure that a large could... An appealing “ quacky ” sound that has a bit more honky-tonk feel some..., two other models stand out as good for country, what ’ s electrified tone is perfect cutting. Proper pickup Duncan STL-1 Vintage ’54 Telecaster bridge pickup possible, improve its sound especially. Most original 6120 guitars, sound often gets trapped and isolated in the market for a warmer similar. Delays are prized for their warmth in tone and tend to sound dark and heavier without! Uses a custom hybrid light gauge (.009–.038 ) set that works for him tone similar to rosewood it’s. And indie guitar wings and F-holes that a large audience could hear you overdriven amp, and they an.

best telecaster pickups for country

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