Mel, ni hao ma?

Dear Mel,

I’m so happy to see an “off-line” msn message from you..keke.

(…ni hao ma?)

As you can see, I’m writing this blog in english, BECAUSE of you!! haha…how can you lost touch with hua yu!!?? If you can’t read traditional chinese…eeeerr, how about installing the software (thought you were from IT?)? oh, ok, you mean you CAN’T read chinese?? HOW CAN!!!?? Who’s going to teach your 2 cute little ones?? I remembered Cadence read us the “tang shi san bai shou” (are you more comfy in ready han yu pin yin?), & we were very amazed..

ok, enough of jokes. Being my friend, you know i’m just kidding you lah. :)

How’s the weather in Canada? Did you go for any ski-trip? I planned for a ski trip last year, but well, you know the reason rite? (ren sheng, full of surprises)…& now i have all the shoes & winter clothes stucked in my cupboard. If I have money, I’ll definately pay you a visit within the next 2-3 years! By then, I guess little Cadence can teach me how to ski liao, erm, actually I prefered snowboarding.

Since you can’t read traditional chinese charactors, may I suggest you visit my “flickr”? It has more updates…haha, although i’m “lagging”(haven’t even finish uploading my japan trip’s pix), believe me, I really tried very hard to upload pix almost every night!

Did you get my message? You’ve got lilian’s email?

Me & her & a few other friends had a road trip to Malacca last christmas, a non-stop-eat-&-eat trip, here’s some pix:





ok…there’s more pix on flickr, go see them…(give me more time to upload).

I have to write the last one in Chinese (if not, no feel ah): 祝你牛年快樂!事事順利、全家安康!

you kong hui lai kan wo men…..(i know i know, for a family of four, a round trip back to Spore from Canada, cost you more than $10k)


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    谢谢你特地为我写了一篇 entry.
    I think I better revert back to angmo, faster, else this comment will take forever to type.

    Just that when some of your emotional entries are in traditional chinese, I kind of get lost lor. Don’t really understand how and what you are feeling, but nevermind, we can always catch up via MSN.

    Yes yes, I am still teaching Cadence mandarin at home, she also attend chinese lesson here. We just came back from a ski trip 3 days ago. We definitely look forward to your visit, will bring you to snowboard, ski, snowmobile, whatever you are interested ok!

    Yes yes, sent a msg to Leelian via FB also, waiting for her reply.

    Good to see you getting prettier and prettier leh! Come and visit us soon ok!

    Miss you all and the crazy gang!


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    wow! thank you for updating me :)

    good to hear from you…& i miss u & the gang too. btw, Gene is married :)

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