Quotes from The Iron Lady

週三看了”The Iron Lady”預映。

我跟友人形容這電影有點”走馬看花”…科科科科科…因為電影並沒有很深入地講述這位英國前首相 Margaret Thatcher 的一生;也不是一齣很drama的戲、沒有很煽情地搬演她從政的過程(即不文藝也不drama)…看完電影就覺得化妝術實在太好,女主角Meryl Streep演技實在太棒,如此而已。


1) 這個放在我Facebook”招惹”不少爭議的:

“I will never be one of those women, who stay silent and pretty on the arm of her husband. Or remote and alone in the kitchen doing the washing up for that matter. One?s life must matter, Denis, beyond all the cooking and the cleaning and the children. One?s life must mean more than that. I cannot die washing up a teacup.”

…說出不少女性的心裡話…(不代表洗碗洗碟是卑微的婦人做的家務事,只不過女性也想追逐夢想、有所發揮、實現理想… 電影最後 Margaret Thatcher是在洗茶杯的…)

2) 這句話,狠狠地印在我腦里:

“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become… habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become.”

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