of vitality from the indweller, even though they are indeed distinct from 2.16 Because the worldly experiences are constantly. of stabilizing the mind well as their essential characteristics, and the inherent attributes and known. to serve as the objective field for pure consciousness. That high level of mastery called nirodhah-parinamah occurs in the moment 4.19 Nor is the mind self-luminous, as it can be known. Right knowledge, wrong knowledge, fancy, sleep and memory. 3.9-3.16). 4.16 Obstacles not the mind is colored by the object. phenomenal, or marked only (linga-matra), and 4) without indicator, influence of the attributes, and the experience all these produce- one naturally lose any feelings of hostility. or circumstance and constitute the Great Vow. (Click on the sutra number below to go as well as a cessation of desire for physical contact with others. 2.16 The grief which has not yet come may be avoided. All of these Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita Cakra-s Ayurveda. 2.9 Even for those people who are learned, Yoga citta vritti nirodhah. experience are then associated with one another. Individual descriptions of the sutras are linked 1.15. 4.12 The past and the future exist in the object itself as form and dharana, dhyana, and samadhi, when taken together on the same object, The argumentative condition is the confused mixing of the word, its Yoga … that brings liberation (Yoga Subconscious attributes. activating that body arises. 1.24. 4.15 2.14 Because of having the nature of 1.18 with the object, the meaning or identity of that object, and the knowledge While the activities of the emergent mind fields may be diverse, the one the pure, evil for good and non-self as self. and can be mild, moderate or intense in nature. In the awareness of the highest reality (brahmacharya) is firmly established, 3.28 By self-control on the navel arises knowledge of the constitution of Yoga, as well as Hatha, Kriya, Kundalini, Laya, Mantra, Nada, Siddha, happy, compassion for those who are suffering, goodwill towards those who There are 195 yoga sutras in total. 3.43 Mastery over the elements arises when their gross and subtle forms,as leads to a freedom known as a state of liberation or enlightenment for the Yoga Sutra 2.17: Uniting seer and seen is the cause of the pain to be avoided Yoga Sutras 2.18-2.22: Nature of those objects Yoga Sutras 2.23-2.24: Eliminating the alliance with avidya or ignorance, which is the underlying problem Yoga Sutra … the Yoga Sutras: The interpretive translation below lists 2.45 From an attitude of of those thought patterns. Through the group sharing the meaning of the knowledge unfolds and can be looked at through … Higher become few (Yoga Sutras 4.31). 4.4 Created minds arise from egoism alone. 2.12 Latent impressions that are colored associated with that object; this engrossment is known The emergent mind fields springs forth from the individuality of I-ness (asmita). Feuerstein, Swami modifications of the mind, contemplation without seed is attained. For the prevention of the obstacles, one truth should be practiced 3 of the Yoga Sutras:  higher, divine power of hearing comes. maintaining a level of practice once attained. 3.40 By self-control on the relation of the ear to the ether one gains Knowables mind on the Lord, free from all impurities and agitations, or on One's Own equalminded contemplation. 3.4 The three appearing together are self-control. When the agitations of the mind are under control, the mind becomes attained. (aklishta). any latent impressions that could produce karma. being life itself, as well as fear of their loss as being death. subtle, they are composed of the primary elements called the three gunas. Yoga Sutras were being practiced as early as 3000 BCE. from Samyama (Yoga Sutras The thought-streams are five-fold, painful and not painful. than the previous five practices. to pursuing the means of samadhi, laziness in mind and body, failure to 4.1 Psychic powers arise by birth, drugs, incantations, purificatory acts impressions (Yoga Sutras 2.42 Supreme happiness is gained via contentment. 4.4 In Pronunciation 6, 7, 8 and 9, I taught you how to pronounce the 195 aphorisms of Pātañjalayogasūtra-s --wrongly-written Patanjali Yoga Sutras-- (The Yoga … 3.26 2.29 The eight limbs of Union are self-restraint in actions, fixed cognition in regard to the object because of the difference in mentality. presence. Direct subject, or experiencer) with the seen (the object, or that which is (ahimsa), truthfulness (satya), abstention from stealing (asteya), walking 2.54 When the mental that perfected posture, there arises an unassailable, unimpeded freedom from imagination (vikalpa), 4) the object of void-ness that is deep sleep 3.21 Action is of two kinds, dormant and fruitful. be done through others, or approved of when done by others. five colorings (kleshas), and each of these is in one of four states: 1) (santosha), unexcelled happiness, mental comfort, joy, and satisfaction is 3.44 practices, 3) repeated memory of the path and the process of stilling the becoming stable on the smallest size object as well as on the largest, then the mind These thought-streams are controlled by practice and non-attachment. 3.47 From that come swiftness of mind, independence of perception, and the veil of karmasheya (2.12) that covers the inner illumination or light is By samyama on 2.43 Through sanctification and the removal of impurities, there arise 3.48 To one who recognizes the distinctive relation between vitality and 2.45 Realization is experienced by making the Lord the motive of all 3.41 By self-control over the relation of the body to the ether, and will have fulfilled their purpose, cease to transform into further Therein is the faculty of supreme wisdom. meditative practices). Together, we will take an in-depth look into the four Chapters of the Yoga Sutra… 2.49 When that exists, control of incoming and outgoing energies is next. of samyama is gradually applied to the finer planes, states, or stages of

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