If you recognize today’s dessert, you deserve a pat on the back! Love the photos and am thinking it is finally time to actually try some fruitcake this year. Oh and Gorgeous photos! I’d like to make for my dad but I’m not on the ball and it’s super close to Christmas lol. I’m soaking the fruit now. The bones of the original fruit cake recipe have remained the same, but it has been re-tested thoroughly. Hope that helps! Thinking i need to make this for big family Christmas (am I do mean big, 20+). Thank you so much! I bought everything and am ready for attack!  Just add a cup of tea! Oh, i didn’t mean paper kitchen towels, but the cotton type (English is not my first language). Happiest of holidays! Could you get your mother to advise you and update your response please. Fruits , and cocoa. Recipe says to soak cheesecloth once a week in sherry. Thanks for your question! Hey Laura! We have allergies to alcohol in my family. Can I bake this fruitcake in a smaller loaf tins, round cake pan, etc.? 😂) but definitely go with fridge. Soaking tonight, baking tomorrow! Wow Laura… this looks amazing and I’m SO all about soaking dried fruit in rum. Thanks Carol ps I make a slightly similar recipe for christmas pudding and the O. Mine ofcourse didnt turn out as nice as yours. Thats the next best option. This recipe is a must have.Â. Holiday Fruitcake. She is still getting the hang of leaving comments–for a while she thought she had to put her full name in the “contact” form. Can I put it back in the oven, 300 farenheit just to make the alcohol evaporate for maybe 5 mins. I could not find dried apples/pears; i used dried pineapple that was sweetened, and the cherries were also sweetened. Do you have a kitchen linen (real linen or a thin other variety) you’d feel comfortable soaking and potentially staining? 😊. The temperature gets adjusted depending on the material. Pre-heat the oven to 170°C/150°C fan/gas mark 3, and line a small cake tin (15cm / 6in) with grease-proof paper. I was wondering if this one would be too sweet with marzipan added into it.  or i need to drain the fruits? I don’t think you would *have* to line them with parchment paper, but since the cake is on the more delicate side – I would strongly recommend lining it to be safe. Dear Laura,Thanks for sharing the recipe of the Fruit Cake.I prepared your recipe. Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts (and your mom’s thoughts!). I plan on making this over the weekend! What do you think? It does not matter that I use a bread knife or any other kind.I followed the recipe all the way. But, this traditional fruit cake recipe is simply delicious and well worth it. Almonds, pecans & walnuts. This step contributes additional moisture, as well as allows the flavors in the cake to meld and deepen over time. I’ve made this recipe twice!! This beats anything I have ever tasted and its definately worth trying. https://www.craftycookingbyanna.com/the-best-fruit-coffee-cake  I have a lot of veg/vegan/ gluten yikes folks, so i’m going to have to experiment later, but for now, this is good old fashioned fruit cake from a time before “food fuss”. Hi laura, i made this fruit cake for my father yesterday for his birthday and i must say after following your instructions one by one it wasn’t just easy to make but the resulting piece was mouth watering. ❤️, This looks absolutely delicious, can’t wait to try this style of fruit cake. I hope this helps! YES! Thank you soooooooooooo much for this awesone recipe. This looks great except for the flour…….. Regardless, I’m very excited to start soaking these and have them ready for Christmas!Â. This recipe looks AMAZING! I cooked it for 1 hour 50 minutes at 130 degrees celsius (since we work in celsius in the UK–and 300 converts to 150 C, but then minus another 20 degrees C because my oven is fan-assisted, as are most British ovens these days–fan-assisted meaning convection). Laura! Glad to know I wasn’t the only person who couldn’t make the twitter party–we’ll have to reschedule another time! Thank you so much for such a wonderful looking recipe. I plan to reapply the liquor every week. Keep it up Laura. I have to say, my mom is the pro at making fruit cake, so I am not experienced enough in making it to know if it could be adapted into a traditional round cake form. Will be making this next year for sure. I only have cotton, linen towels are very difficult to find here.  Thank you so much! My mom prefers sherry and has always used that, but I think its totally up to your own preference. New! But he likes it with marzipan and icing (traditional British–I live in the UK). Hi, would i be able to soak the cake in dark rum for approx 2 weeks instead of using sherry or triple sec? Easy to follow and a good mid-year treat.Â. I had my last batch stick around for 4+ months. I admit it. I may not be able to wait for the holidays! Thank you. Just choose your Yes! However, even just a few days make a huge impact! It reduces clean-up and common user errors, such as over measuring flour. So sorry for only just getting back to you. There is no way the booze is going to soften all the fruit so am bothered that the final cake will have some very dried tasting dried fruits – like the peaches. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! For now they all sit in a bag in my fridge. It sure did with me for 59 years. It looks fantastic!! 🙂, BTW, I doubled the soaking amount out of neurosis and fear. I also added twice as much slivered almonds and same amount ( if not more) of chopped pecans. Hmm, I’m not as sure about the marsala substitute, because I’ve never tried that and my mom hasn’t used that. I want to limit the fruits, perhaps pear apricot ginger hazelnut with Poire Willams, cherry blueberry dark chocolate walnut with cherry liqueur for example. Using your hands, pack batter firmly and fill in open spaces. What is the purpose of so many eggs, besides the usual things that eggs do to cakes. After 3 days and 1 day of application, I decided to remove the cheesecloth and open it all up. Again, this is all pure speculation, so I can’t guarantee anything, but that is my educated guess! Put fruit, sugar, butter and liquid to a pan and simmer slowly for 20 minutes, cool then add beaten egg, fold in flour. I hope it wasn’t too detrimental that I added towards the end, before the fruit, because I realized I hadn’t added them yet and couldn’t find mention of them in the steps! What substitute do you suggest for soaking the cheesecloth in if you don’t want to use alcoholÂ. It looks amazing. I have always been a fan of fruitcake, and this recipe looks excellent! I admit it. Fruit Chutney. Rum isn’t used for wrapping because its incredibly alcoholic/dry and honestly just doesn’t taste incredible for that type of application (where it’s not cooked off). Top fruit cake recipes. It’s summer here, and averaging 95º to 100º every day, so the oven is out of bounds. Could I just use the same amount of batter that you’ve divided into 2 pans and put it into one large round cake pan?  You have made a brilliant job of “rewriting” this recipe so it makes sense to others. Feel free to ask other questions if you have them. So glad that I found ya! Yes!! The alcohol cuts sweetness and makes this cake so fragrant and delicious! Baked the cakes today and they smell amazing! Thanks for the great question. You know those ones that are sold in the stores or sent as gifts at this time of the year? To remedy, can I put them back in the oven for 5 mins. I love it, and will definitely try it. This is one of the best things I’ve ever baked. Yep, it’s pretty boozy, you might want to skip it this year, haha. All of the All-Clad Pro-Release bakeware pieces feature oversized, easy-to-grab handles, and a nonstick (PFOA-free) finish that releases baked goods effortlessly.  It is way too delicious – I sent him off with something else and kept the cake here at home. It’s so moist it was hard to tell if the cake was done or not, but the toothpick came out clean at 1:10. Christmas cake recipes typically all share one common ingredient – dried fruit. Thank youÂ. If you are looking to make a traditional fruit Christmas cake and have at least a month to go before Christmas then check out our Old Fashioned Christmas Fruitcake Recipe which needs to be feed leading up to Christmas. Beautiful photos and well written post! Nearly six years have passed and since then, it has become one of the most popular holiday recipes on A Beautiful Plate. This will prevent the cake from drying out. Ivo Stern. They are slightly golden – they shouldn’t be pale and they definitely shouldn’t be mushy, and it will start to pull slightly from the sides. When I was younger, my family used to purchase cakes from a local monastery made by monks. 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback and for taking the time to leave your review. In fact we seem to have gone fruitcake crazy! I do not recommend making equipment substitutions, as I cannot personally say whether they will work! One question (if you’re still checking! Thanks Laura! I hope I am making sense in explaining these. Yours looks sooo good. I’ve never tried this and am a bit hesitant to advise it (especially since it’s not a cheap recipe to make and I don’t want you to get bad results), because it is VERY fruit filled and I’m worried there wouldn’t be much structure left if you used a non-gluten nut flour. But yours looks amazing! Happy to hear that! Best Fruit Cake Recipe. OMG! it turned out pretty good. Your recipe looks delicious. I don’t see why not, just a matter of taste preference! Did I make that up or did it change?Â. Thank you so much Barbara! That is what you are going to get with this fruit cake recipe. Happy holidays. You made it look so pretty!  Any chance you could tell me how your mom uses the marzipan so I can try it? In order to line it, you’ll want to cut a piece of parchment that is large enough so that the sides of parchment paper go up all the way on the longest edge of the pan (it should actually end over the top, so that you can grab the pieces of parchment paper from both sides to remove the loaf). Some prize in 1945! I was raised on it! One other question, do I butter the parchment paper before putting  the batter in it?Â.  Didn’t have the exact fruits, so improvised, with quite a bit of dates, some dried mango, lots of raisins, some dried cherries, but it really didn’t matter. They even couldn’t believe that i made it by myself. Leave to cool in the tin for at least half an hour before turning out to cool completely on a cooling rack. I’m trying it for the first time. Add the treacle, brandy or sherry, nutmeg, lemon juice to the cake mixture, and stir gently using a spoon or spatula. Perfect! I just made this for the first time and couldn’t resist taking a sliver while it was still hot. Dates and a few spices. Reduce speed to medium and add the eggs one at a time, beating just until each egg is incorporated. 25369 recipes. for someone who cant bake, these turned out sooooo goood. shrug! If you make this cake again in the future and have a location near you, the best place that I can find dried unsweetened fruit is Trader Joe’s. After soaking the fruit in it overnight, when I whiffed it, I nearly got drunk!! Aww, thank you Kelli! 🙂. Can I make this with almond flour instead of wheat flour? And I think from your other posts you find brandy to be an acceptable substitute? Haha.  I was very intrigued by the mention of marzipan. My mom is ridiculous. Easy Fruit Cake Recipe. This recipe uses a wide variety of tart and sweeter dried fruit: golden raisins, dark raisins, figs, prunes, cherries, apricots, and peaches. I made this fruitcake for my friends , Everyone of them have liked it. This cake has only been tested using loaf pans, but several readers have had luck with this. Use an offset spatula to smooth the batter into an even layer. Haha! Hope this helps! thank you.Â. Your recipe made my day. Tons and tons of dried fruit!! Or it’s the scene from Harry met Sally. I hope this helps!! I actually have the fruit soaking in rum right now. Shared by Kitchen Cook 1/2lb Butter1 cup Water2lbs Mixed FruitBring to the boil, then Cool. This fruitcake looks awesome.  People will have to vote affirmatively to get one next year. My cake is in the oven as I type this ….  And, cuz I’m an old English teacher, the plural of loaf is loaves. I just picked a batch of wild apples and need to use the resulting apple sauce in whatever way I can.

best fruit cake recipe

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