Twist it left, it loosens. I decided I wanted to refinish our kitchen cabinets to match our hardwood floors. Brush on the gel stain in the same direction as the base coat in long strokes. Between the staining and the fading henna from Morocco, people must just think I have a skin condition, and that’s OK, because I don’t like people standing that close to me anyways. Minwax® Gel Stain is specifically designed to give you full control over the staining process and help you achieve beautiful results. Graining: Hmmm! I believe this might be related to changing temperatures in the house, as the wood is still natural beneath that stain and it might have expanded or contracted slightly. So glad you stuck around long enough to enjoy the final reveal, phew :). I have not tried the product on laminate. I’ve tried it and the finished product looks like dried brown goo. 87 Tilt it a lot, it turns the bit a lot. How did the gel stain work on the sides of your cabinets where it’s more of a laminate, rather than actual wood? Your goal at this point is to cover every bit of the top with a good coat of gel stain. I did all of my staining bare-handed, completely without gloves, because I found it harder to get into the nooks and crannies of the door bevels with an extra obstacle and none of my rubber gloves fit tight enough to not be a nuisance. I can get in there with a little paint brush and the same stain and patch it right up, I presume. So glad to happen upon your reveal from Pinterest! Gloves actually made it sloppier to apply, and while going without made clean up a lot messier, it was worth it in the end to have such control over the application. Seriously, no comparison! Product Title Minwax 66060000 Gel Stain , quart, Walnut Average rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars, based on 25 reviews 25 ratings Current Price $16.32 $ 16 . I then glued and nailed them around the four sides. Do you remember what it looked like before? Each coat was allowed to dry a minimum of 24 hours before being so much as touched, and as I’ve stated all along, it this stain goes on really nicely, really smoothly, so by the third coat, there’s no hint of streaking or original oak showing through at all. Seriously, it’s great in tiny spaces, say, when you’re trying to reattach drawer tracks to refinished drawer fronts, and that point alone deserves it’s own bullet. ... Minwax 308014444 6 Oz Oak Water Based Express Color Wiping Stain & Finish. I was totally voting white, or “a color”, but now I’m sold on Java (what, they didn’t have a Mocha? Now it’s 6 months after you completed this project–can you comment on the durability of the finish? Just enough to scuff up the surface to help the stain stick, that way the doors/drawers will match the laminate better. I have been contemplating the same project for months and until seeing your progress felt very discouraged. The Good Wood store where I purchased the island and also the gel stain didn’t have any kind of protectant that I could purchase to get this affect. My personal opinion is that they’re not worth it. I wanted the color to be close to the color of my hardwood floors. dresser and end table/nightstand to an armoire I already had. Minwax Gel Stain is available in 8 colors. Can you find a piece of scrap to test on? Love your finished project. Hope this helps! Hope that your cabinets turn out as wonderfully as ours did. Did you paint these surfaces along with the inside area and shelves? I bet those pieces will look great. Both our painter and realtor had painted their cabinets white and they were always having to clean them. After 6 weeks I have almost finished cleaning off the doors and drawer fronts. I did, the same exact treatment and poly. Hubby has lung issues, can’t be around the chemicals (plus i get bossy on my projects:) ). Gel Stain can be applied to non-wood surfaces, including metal and fiberglass. The picture on the right shows what the cabinet looks like after applying a second coat. I’m thinking the java color will bring easier sale of our house in three months. Follow me on facebook and instagram, or drop me a note if you'd like. ever.). I’d recommend trying both options, the deglosser on one side and sandpaper on the other. Play. I did a second coat after 24 hours. If you try it, I’d love to know how you like it! Much happier with my “new” floor. Black and Decker unknowingly sponsored the heck out of this post after sending me its newest cordless screwdriver, the GYRO, at the end of last week. We used Minwax Gel Stain in Coffee on the beams For this project I used Minwax Gel Stain in Hickory First my husband lightly sanded the stair treads to remove the paint splatter and drips. The gel stain allows the base sides to match the door fronts perfectly even though the grain is quite different. I kid.) You can use any brand of polyurethane to go over General Finishes. I did both sides of the door, and had planned to paint the inside of the cabinets but never got around to it. Helped bleach the wood. Settings. I just want to make sure it stand up and don’t have to redo years after years. Theme customized by Pete Fazio Creative, the guy from Emily great job with these! Staining Oak Cabinets Hickory Cabinets Minwax Gel Stain Paint Stain Stain Colors Paint Colours Painting Tile Floors Furniture Makeover Furniture Ideas. 0:00. 29 days ago. Had we been in the home an extra 6-months, it definitely would have gotten done as it was an inexpensive update (just the cost of the polyacrylic). I took the same gel stain and went to down on my kitchen laminate wood floor, turning it from pinkish-beige to dark java brown. I’m sure he’s not as amused as I am, but it’s great. Did you wipe the excess immediately ? MINWAX # 1872-026. I used the same brand of gel stain on my kitchen cabinets but in antique walnut. Now is the fun part – applying the gel stain over paint! You would never know that the touch-ups were done, and the finish is perfectly smooth. I understand that this gel stain has a urethane already in it. Rustoleum’s Universal Spray paint in the Satin Nickel Metallic color. What do the inside of your cabinets look like ? Did you have any experience painting on laminate with this? General Finishes Gel Stain can give your kitchen cabinets a fresh and updated look.Read on, to find out how I refinished my kitchen cabinets for less than $80 without stripping or sanding. I’d recommend General Finishes “High Performance”. It looks absolutely amazing! This stuff looks so bad in person up close. I’d be excited to see the results if you want to email photos when you’re through, especially the Georgian Cherry. Your kitchen looks great. Posted by 4 days ago. Now, I wanted the color of the cabinets to match our hardwood floors. Are you using the same gel stain I used (General Finishes)? If not, you’ll need to remove the existing finish by sanding or stripping. Ha! I am 85 years old and don’t know exactly what to do. On the other hand, I also didn’t want to use an oil base top coat because of the strong odor, and the way that it yellows over time. Thanks so much for all this info- absolutely hated my cabinets and just the stain makes them look so much better! I'm a home improvement enthusiast, living a very merry DIY lifestyle. I’ve had no problems with them, and therefore have spent no money repairing or replacing them. Delivers a rich, uniform color on wood and non-wood surfaces, such as metal, veneer, and fiberglass Unique, non-drip gel formula makes application easy for vertical surfaces Both sides of each door and the full cabinet base in the kitchen received not one, not two, but three coats of General Finishes Gel Stain in Java. It worked well because I didn’t have to worry about getting any stain on the plywood because it was just a scrap piece of wood. I started by removing all of the cabinet doors on one side of the kitchen and I put all of the hardware in a ziploc bag so I wouldn’t lose anything. Only problem is that now I’m putting on my General Finishes polyurethane top coat, it’s pulling out little streaks in my stain! Stripping, sanding, staining and applying a top coat is a very time consuming process so I started looking into other options. For real, it’s magical, it needs an iridescent horn and a saddle for a tiny princess to ride it into the sunset. Appreciate your help. If you’re trying it yourself at home, good luck and let me know if you come into any snags! Your kitchen looks FABULOUS!!! To disguise the rough, layered plywood edge, I took four pieces of 1” x 2” poplar and stained them with Minwax® Wood Finish™ in “Sedona Red” to also serve as a frame around the black top. I just looked it up and it looks like a fine product. If anyone can rescue me or has ideas please contact me After I used the poly and it dried completely, I did go back over the most noticeable places with a rag with the STAIN on it again. oz.) I wondered if it had been that the polycrylic was accenting areas that weren’t properly coated in the first place. Minwax Gel Stain is specifically designed to give you full control over the staining process and help you achieve beautiful results. C $19.72 shipping. View Product Page. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I’m sorry… That was supposed to say, did you stain them as well? I’m partial to contrasting colors so the white walls/shelves and the almost-black cabinets really makes the kitchen sing. Any suggestions? We’re in the process of quoting a new countertop right now, and hope to pull the trigger on it before winter. Good luck! Nicely done! Haha. Didn’t think I’d be making more masks, but her, Immeasurably tall, lanky tomatillos. I only recommend products that I’ve personally used and know work well. I have hope now that it will turn out great. my question (and I do have one!) Learn how your comment data is processed. I really appreciate your blog — helps me stay motivated on days when I feel like crashing. Thanks so much! The unique non-drip formula makes application easy and delivers uniform colour even on hard-to-stain woods. This helps the Gel Stain stick to the surface. The gel stain is almost like a cross between paint and stain. I think Minwax was just coming out with its product or had yet to release it when I did my cabinets, so the options for gel stain were fewer at that time. However, if you’d like to look at a few popular paint colors for kitchen cabinets, checkout this article. Water-based will give it that finishing touch with a little bit of shine, but not too much shine. After cleaning the cabinets with TSP, you’ll want do a light sanding. USE TSP! Love the stain. Not looking forward to the hand discoloration, but it looks as if it was worth it. I’d also like to share my thoughts on using liquid sander also known as deglosser. This stain applies to wood, veneer, fibreglass and more. Smooth and even. Select a Minwax ® Gel Stain color that corresponds to the darkest color of the wood grain you are trying to create. Sorry! Hope you got the emails…..I sent one with the Java pics and one with pics of the Georgian Cherry….. A 6-month assessment yielded NO wear on the finish, not even any dings or nicks in the surface. Did anyone have any comments on using Minwax instead of General Finish. Doing it by my self. The staining job on the island itself looks quite nice and matches my kitchen cabinets very nicely. Any suggestions would be great. Phew. I see the darker color worked great, but will it work the other way around? It made hanging the high cabinets so easy–there was no sense of awkwardly trying to hold a 5-lb drill above your head while you pulled the trigger gently. Test stain on hidden area to verify desired color. Now I get started on the honey oak kitchen transformation! If after the second coat you are seeing any variations in the smoothness of the finish, only then would I suggest a very, very high grit sandpaper. Loving the hardware, too. It applies easily and penetrates deep into the pores of the wood.Resists lapping for even colorDries in 2 hoursRich color in one coatAvailable in 35+ colors My plan is to do 2 or 3 coats of the cherry, then hit the raised places with the Java to darken them up and accent them a little. I have used Minwax brand though not in as extensive an application. We have beautiful cabinets, they are just honey oak in color. I tried many different application techniques to see which one gave me the look I wanted. I am wondering if you can go lighter with the colors? General Finishes Java Gel Stain. I think I remember being part of a “should I paint my cabinets/island?” comment thread a while back. And finally did you change the finishing to a matte Finish? I would have preferred the more muted Brown Mahogany, but I’m trying to match a used (gotta love Craigslist!) And that Gyro totally just went on my Christmas list. Minwax ® Gel Stain Aged Oak. Home Furniture Beaver Homes & Cottages Beauti-Tone. Success, i found the stain, it’s in my hand and tomorrow we will tackle the bathroom vanity (start small and work up to the kitchen), I am so inspired by the transformation you made with those oak cabinets. Do you again them as well? Hope this helps! If you were ever on the receiving end of my 20-question spitfire, my apologies, I’ve sorted it all out now. I didn’t exactly want something hi-gloss shiny, and was even worried about something semi-shiny, so satin felt like the safest gradient of the poly spectrum, and closest to the natural finish that we had from the stain itself (a little shinier than matte, yet easy to wipe down when I inevitably spit out milk in a fit of laughter). I’ve got so much gel stain globbed into all that intricate detail work (I’m covering a blonde finish) that I’m sure my first coat will take a week to dry…’ll be worth it in the end though. Apply in the direction of the grain you intend to create. The instructions list to do so, but you were very meticulous about writing your steps down and I can’t find you mentioning that you did this! So nice of you to say – thanks Katrina! I agree – it was such a scary project. I'm a home improvement enthusiast, living a very merry DIY lifestyle. Please let me know your thoughts on this. We have relatively new laminate like cabinets in the home we just bought and we would like to stain. From $9.99. We finished the vanities first….love them…only thing is that the satin finish topcoat seems a bit too shiny and they don’t make matte vsrathane anywhere….not sure why ours seems shinier but…any suggestions? Oh, I’m also doing my mom’s childhood dresser for her as well (in Java). It really updates the look of your kitchen. I sold the house in June. So we haven’t tackled the kitchen because not sure we want the cabinets in kitchen as shiny….help? I ordered the java gel stain last week and it was delivered today! It makes sense to me to leave them the same color as the cabinets, I think it must have been the previous owner’s preference, probably not a regional thing…. And the base cabinets took the stain as well as the doors. Sometimes we wander through open houses thinking that the sellers did too much to try and “update” and “prepare” the space for showing, making some rooms look more updated to a certain look than the rest of the house. If you missed any other posts relating to this project, you can read them here: Looking for the Gel Stain that I used to stain the kitchen cabinets? I don’t follow that part. 32 - $28.87 $ 28 . Simple answer to your question about using the Gel Topcoat: I didn’t know it existed! I wasn’t paid by the company and the people who referred me to it originally weren’t either. Never got around to doing the matte coat before we moved :( Would love to see a kitchen like mine done with matte to see what I missed out on! I essentially restained a few spots over the poly, waited for it to dry, and then poly’ed over it once more. I applied the stain using a foam brush and wiped it off with a paper towel. I tested both colors on the back of another cabinet door and I immediately saw a difference. And I’m sure they look much better than if you’d just painted them. I did all of the fronts first and then I did the backs, and the inside last. It’s hard to tell from the photos- would you say that Java is a really dark brown or more of a warm black? Hey Jason, sorry you had a lame experience with the product. Yes! Merrypad incorporates the occasional affiliate link to and Minted; we link to many other websites and products, but if it is in context of a paid sponsorship, it is always noted as such. Oh, and there’s no trigger, it’s activated by a button that sits in the palm of your hand as you hold and tilt it. :) I kept telling myself I’m crazy, that gel stains are supposed to be for chairs or tables or cabinets, but I just couldn’t take the pink-beige anymore when the alternative was to paint them or replace them. Allows for precision in applying stain. I had the same concerns (and would have tested this if we had not moved). But now that it’s over, I couldn’t be happier with how modern my cabinets look! Finally, once all of the cabinets were stained, I used General Finishes “High Performance Water Based Flat Top Coat”. Thanks. I started with the Java Gel Stain color, and it had a little too much red in it for my purpose. I didn’t sand between coats either …didn’t seem to need it…now if I could just find a flat varathane I’d be happy…the satin even leaves too much sheen for my liking (just clear costed the bath vanity but we have left the kitchen with just the stain for now and will see how it holds up – so far so good ) and I much prefer the matte finish so if anyone has suggestions. I’m so happy (and relieved) that they turned out really nice; I’m still debating on whether the finish is too glossy (it’s just Satin, not even semi-gloss!) That house is our rental property now, and we are very happy with how well they have been holding up. #garden2020 #, 32 oz., reserved for the brave #homeg, Nothing says “let’s stay home all fall, too”, Found one rogue volunteer tomato today nestled in, choose a badge and share the love, When I hesitantly tried to keep the project moving, Staining test #2: When I reattempted to stain with more vigor, Staining test #3: Ah yes, the winning stain, Actual progress: Getting down to business,, The Easy Way to Hang Art on Brick or Stone, Less Is More: How to Remove a Fireplace Surround, Painting Everything White: We Chose Snowbound, By Sherwin Williams, Tips for Dying Pasta Different Colors (+ A Special Halloween Recipe), Javalicious, A Gel Staining Reveal (Update #3). However, I know people that have had great luck with deglosser’s. Tilt it a little, it turns the bit a little. Twist it right, it tightens. It’s a big day for my little merrypad as I share the happy aftermath of my kitchen staining project. Required fields are marked *. I am going to do it! The shelving of our cabinetry was laminate and I wasn’t sure how well it would take (so definitely do a test sample of yours). I’m convinced people promoting this crap are getting paid by General Finish. I posted about it on my blog – Looks way better. That's a beaut! At that time, they were still great, and that was also after two years of having renters living in the house. – My first 1/2 pint of Gel Stain was $14.48 (with shipping). I love notes. My only thought is that maybe the first coat didn’t cure long enough? Glad that my initial tutorial was helpful! I also tried wiping the stain with a lint free rag but it seemed like it was absorbing too much of the stain. I’m all about finding the best methods and techniques so I thought I would try cleaning one of the cabinets with an all purpose cleaner rather than the TSP to see if it was really necessary to use the TSP mixture. I’ll email you the before pic and the after-first-coat pic (they’re on my iPhone). Shop for Minwax products online and get Free shipping to any Home store! Good luck, Jill! View entire discussion ( 37 comments) More posts from the woodworking community. I hope these thoughts help! My findings? Apply a thin, even coat of Gel Stain to a section using a natural bristle brush or a soft, lint-free cloth. Your article was very interesting. :-), I see I’m not able to attach photos to this message board, so I’ll drop you an email. What a difference another color makes! Love the dark wood and the gray in your kitchen. Just be careful not to apply the stain too thick with the foam brush or it will be easier to chip off when the cabinets are hit with something (although you can easily touch up any spots with a Q-tip). Apply in the direction of the grain you intend to create. Total gel stain convert here. This picture shows what the stain looks before being wiped off, at the top.

minwax coffee gel stain on oak

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