1928 bayonet cover 1939 - Polish Army - World War II. Military Vessels: Second Polish Republic Naval Ensign for River Military Vessels 1938-1939. In 1937, 194,000 tourists visited the Eastern borderlands of Poland, with 66,000 of them visiting Wilno, General Tadeusz Kasprzycki became the minister of military affairs. In Poznań, Poland loses to Italy 1-6 in a wrestling match, November 13. Archbishop, January 9. During the World War, attempts at Polish military formations were made in various places and conditions. Its members included Tadeusz Kutaże and Władysław Bortnowski. With disability - it seemed - the incurable attempts of our Nation even when they were lofty and heroic were necessarily dwarfs and unilateral. Local elections in several Polish cities, December 19. A Polish – British Sea Treaty is signed in London, April 30. The national football team of Poland begins a training camp in. By contrast, Pilsudskiego's civilians supporters created a political camp called sanation.[4]. Association of Ukrainian Merchants in. November 1. Deposits of copper are found in, December 12. The Soviet government states that if Polish troops enter Czechoslovakia, Moscow will void the, September 26. August 17. Polish cavalry received 58 million zloty in the 1938-39 military budget, or 7.3 percent of the total, compared to 46.3 million for the entire Air Force (5.8 percent). December 8. In August 1939, the current Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group (GAPlot) was divided into: 1 GAPlot and 2 GAPlot - both based in Warsaw. It encountered serious organizational and personnel difficulties. In Lwów, Ukrainian rally takes place, followed by Polish counter-demonstration, October 14. In a matter of weeks, the new German armored divisions had shredded the Polish army, which included the largest force of horse cavalry in the world. Jews were removed from all formations, especially from the navy, aviation and communications. Poland celebrates the third anniversary of the death of Marshall. Its main task was to delay advancing German troops and withdraw eastwards along the northern line of the Carpathians. November 4. Only in May 1920 in the Kielce region more than 2,000 deserters and conscripts were caught evading the service in the Polish army. June 15. General Wacław Stachiewicz was appointed the Chief of the General Staff. Wrestling and weight-lifting championships of Poland take place in. December 26. As a result, Pilsudskiego and gathered around him an environment of generals and officers, mainly from former Polish Legions, took over total control over the armed forces. The members of these formations were members of underground military associations. In addition to the smaller formations, Radiotelegraph Regiment (Polish: Pułk Radiotelegraficzny) and Signal Training Center were created. Intentions in the field of modernizing the army were quite serious. May 11. Street clashes during celebrations of the, May 10. April 27. In international lawn tennis game in Warsaw, Poland beats Germany 6-1, May 3. August 10. Three customs offices are opened on the Polish – Lithuanian border. 7000), in Chorzów AKS beats Polonia Warszawa 1-0 (att. 1933 breadbag 10 leather main belt 11 wz. Soldiers of Jewish origin were treated as second-class soldiers or even suspected of disloyalty to the Polish state. On August 6, a decree of the President of the Republic of Poland was published, countersigned by the minister of military affairs, on conduct command over armed forces in peacetime and the establishment of a General Inspector Office of the Armed Forces as the Supreme Commander foreseen on time war. 1937 steel helmet 04 wz. July 29. International female lawn tennis match Poland – Czechoslovakia begins in Warsaw, August 1. Five peasants drown while crossing the. Postmarked in October 19, 1938 Nice stamp marks & cancels . November 16. The number of bicycles in Poland exceeds one million. KPW Poznań becomes handball champion of Poland, 2nd is AZS Warszawa, 3rd Cracovia, and 4th LKS Łódź. In games of the Ekstraklasa, Cracovia Kraków beats at home Warta Poznań 5-2 (att. Due to its intended use, artillery was divided into organic artillery of large infantry and cavalry units (the above-mentioned field artillery regiments and horse artillery squadrons) and independent artillery consisting of ten heavy artillery regiments, one heaviest artillery regiment, two mountain artillery regiments, as well as one squadron zenith artillery, as anti-aircraft artillery was then called. The Day of the Polish Soldier is celebrated across the country. Within the week the Polish Army was virtually defeated. It was to be a body mediating between military authorities and the government in matters related to with the preparations of the state for defense and exceeding the powers military authorities. In games of the Ekstraklasa, Śmigły Wilno beats at home Wisla Kraków 1-0 (att. Seventeen people are injured in a rail crash near, August 9. In the second half of 1919 there was another reorganization of the ministry. A ten-day strike in the Warsaw Opera ends, March 13. Upon decree of the President of Poland. Izrael Wuhl is sentenced to 8 years in prison, Himmelstein Szapse – to 6 years. 1500), Ruch Chorzów beats at home AKS Chorzów 3-2 (att. From the first order to the Polish Army issued on November 12, 1918 by Józef Piłsudski:[10]. May 22. Communications troops were divided into record and non-record formations. Four people die hit by a train on a railroad crossing in, December 30. After a Polish army order was received, small scale production began in 1938. Jozef Beck leaves Warsaw, and via Berlin goes to, September 8. On November 11, 1918, Józef Piłsudski assumed supreme power over the army as the commander-in-chief. Edward Rydz-Śmigły visits Poznań. Króla Stefana Batorego. January 28. The position of General Inspector of the Armed Forces was taken by General Edward Rydz-Śmigły. In the period from 2 September 1938 to 28 May 1950, was in force the Act of 9 April 1938 on universal compulsory military service (Journal of Laws No. November 8. In, July 16. Additional units of the Polish Army secure Polish-Czechoslovak border, September 23. 25, item 220, as amended). In an international boxing match in Łódź, Poland beats Estonia 10-6. A special initiative in this direction was manifested by the General Staff, which obtained greater powers than before. In the period 1926–1935, the officers of the Polish Armed Forces finally formed and stabilized, for the most part uniformly educated in Polish As a result, general inspectorates of: Infantry, Driving and Artillery, and inspectorates of: Military Buildings, Communications Forces, Railway Forces, War Schools, Engineering and Minesweepers, Air Force (Polish: Lotnictwo wojskowe Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej), Rolling Forces, Car Forces, Gendarmerie, Border Guard and Prison Camps. Please see my listings for other, German & Allies, WW 1 & 2, ribbons. In last games of the 1938 season of the. 3000), Warszawianka Warszawa beats in Warsaw Pogon Lwów 2-0 (att. November 5. Upon taking up this position, he began to organize central military institutions and new branches of the Polish Army. The Polish Legions were the greater union of the Polish Army of the independent Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is believed only about 150 rifles of this pattern were completed before the German invasion of Poland. On the largest scale, this action took place in the years 1937-1938 when the Polish operation of the NKVD was carried out. Recruitment options were very convenient. Large fires destroy about 100 buildings in two villages near Wilno. Several prototypes and pre-production samples of his rifle were manufactured from 1936 to 1938. Polish press announces that between mid-1935, and mid-1938, only 107 kilometres of concrete roads were built in the whole country., August 2. Rail communication between Poland and Lithuania is initiated, along with the connection, April 13. Jan 1, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Veronica Leigh. Polish press informs that construction of the new rail line, between Polish, September 15. Rubber imprint at bottom. A train from Kraków to Lwów derails in Biezanow on the outskirts of Kraków, 25 people are injured. An Operational Group (Polish: Grupa Operacyjna, abbreviated GO) was the highest level of tactical division of … Happy to combine postage. In 1910, two public organizations, Shooting Association and Towarzystwo "Strzelec", related to ZWC, were established. I would like ... that I could be aware of my activities before the nation and diligently say about myself and about you that we were not only the first but also good soldiers of the risen Poland. In Katowice, ice-hockey tournament of four cities (Katowice, Kraków. In the Upper-Silesian settlement of. Each division at the foot of peace had three infantry regiments and a field artillery regiment. They fought a brief war in early 1919, Poland annexed part of the border region in 1938, and the two almost came to blows again after World War II. To prevent street clashes during the, May 1. Representative also became obligatory by the new Foreign Minister Józef Beck. Polish press informs that Soviet authorities still have not released three young Polish gliders, who had mistakenly landed in the Soviet Union during a storm on June 26, 1938. Soldiers! August 5. November 30. The recording units were: communication regiments, a radiotelegraph regiment and independent communication battalions. Residents of Lwów celebrate 20th anniversary of, November 23. 4000), Ruch Chorzów beats at home Cracovia 4-0 (att. Polish, Army Medal of the War, 1939-45. The outbreak of First World War meant that a huge number of soldiers, Poles from the lands of the Polish partitions were forced to stand in the ranks of foreign armies. 1937 "rogatywka" field cap 03 wz. in a memorandum of Hans Adolf von Moltke on September 23, 1939, and in Hitler's Speech of October 6, 1939 to the Reichstag, in Berlin ("der entstehende polnische Reststaat"). Three people die in a car crash near, December 9. In international football game, which takes place in. November 11. Together with you I experience the emotion of this historical hour, together with you I vow to devote my life and blood to the good of the Fatherland and the happiness of its citizens. Both of these positions were held by Józef Piłsudski Hence, his duties included development and control any mobilization and operational work related to the preparation for war. In Warsaw, leaders of the Jewish minority in Poland declare a month of mourning, protesting against the persecution of Jews in Germany, November 19. In an international football friendly, Poland beats in Warsaw Ireland 6-0 (att. [7] The army consisted of organizational units of the permanent army and organizational units of the National Defense, as well as organizational units of the Border Protection Corps. A cold wave sweeps over Poland, the temperature in Lwów goes down to minus 21 degrees C. December 18. 35mm wide. The army numbered July 31, 1921: 20,038 officers and military officials, 1,583 ensigns, 248,835 soldiers and 67,390 horses. She is with the interior ministry. January 16. Patriotic demonstrations take place across the country, including Zaolzie and Lwów, November 15. Discover (and save!) A movie theatre burns down in.

polish army in 1938

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