Rondeau was one of the pieces Purcell composed for a play written by a prominent woman playwright, Aphra Behn, and the play was entitled Abdelazar or The Moor's Revenge. On the other hand, there are many examples of slower, reflective works that are rondo in form but not in character; they include Mozart's Rondo in A minor, K. 511 (marked Andante). History. (Your high scho,Ol students should be able to handle it easily.) Describe 2020 In Just One Word? It began as a lyric form in thirteenth-century France, popular among medieval court poets and musicians. The full form of a rondeau consists of four stanzas. The rondeau is one of the fixed forms of the fourteenth-century France (the others are the ballade and the virelai), though the rondeau is the only one that was popular before the commencement of the Ars Nova. Struktuur. 1515–25;

what is a rondeau in music

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