She has been a resident in a care setting for older people for three years, after becoming unable to cope at home because of short-term memory loss and confusion. The ethics of restraint The following example illustrates the application of ethical principles in practice. INTRODUCTION: Physical restraints are common devices used to reduce a patient’s mobility. Discussion of ethical principles surrounding restraint use. In practice, however, there is significant variability in use and many patients across the … Thus, for restraints to be ethical they must be the least liberty-restricting means of achieving that aim. BMC Psychiatry 12:54, 2012). The best ethical justification for restraining patients is that it prevents them from harming themselves. The best ethical justification for restraining patients is that it prevents them from harming themselves. We argue that even if the empirical evidence supported their effectiveness in achieving this aim, the use of restraints would nevertheless be unethical, so long as well-known exceptions to … Abstract. Ethical issues in patient restraint. Ethical and Legal Issues In nursing and medical ethics, restraining a client always presents a difficult question. restraints that are intended to protect the older adult. Author information: (1)International Centre for Nursing Ethics, University of Surrey. involuntary admission, seclusion, restraint) is a complex ethical dilemma in psychiatric care. The themes can, … Often applied in intensive care units with patients experiencing agitation and insufficient sedation, physical restraint techniques are advised for prevention of self-harm and unplanned extubations. Anne Martin (not her real name) is 87 years old and has senile dementia. The use of mechanical restraint as a means to manage the violent and/or self-injurious behaviour of psychiatric patients remains controversial, due primarily to this practice restricting freedom, and often being implemented against the patients will (Georgieva et al. When they observed that patient was not calmed, they used chemical restraining with haloperidol and medaziolam injection along with 4.0 physical restraints to limit her mobility and to get her aggression under control. The ethical dilemma was whether to use physical restraints for the client to prevent further harm or whether to go with the client’s wishes. The application of such restraint poses difficult ethical questions as to when, how, and under what conditions the choice not to be restrained can be honored by nurses and the families of patients whose physical safety is at risk. The use of patient restrictions (e.g. Gallagher A(1). Despite the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of physical restraints, their use in patients is widespread. This article examines the ethical issues that arise in relation to restraint in mental health, dementia care and stroke care.

ethics of restraint

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